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World Class Off-Road Motorcycle Riders take on the Trails in Mattawa Ontario

World Class Off-Road Motorcycle Riders take on the Trails in Mattawa Ontario

The Voyageur Multi-Use Trail System in Mattawa Voyageur Country recently played host to some of the best and most accomplished off road motorcycle riders in the world. What did they think?

Motorized adventures, full-tilt, 24/7.

Update: The film from this trip has been released! Click here to see Checkpoints in its entirety or watch the clip below to get a taste.

The crew assembled in Northeastern Ontario during the first week of August at Mattawa Adventure Camp to piece together what will be an epic documentary on what off-road bikes mean to Graham JarvisColton HaakerJamie Baskerville, Larry Murray and Paul Rodden.

If you have not had the opportunity to watch “50 Years of Kicks” you need to now prior to reading more of this article.


The Mattawa Voyageur Country region is home to Voyageur Multi-Use Trail System, which boasts over 300km of signed, mapped and maintained off road trails. As you will see from the riders, the off-road hospitality doesn’t end on the trails—this region welcomes you and your motorized machines with open arms and smiling faces.


Our staff team had the pleasure of following along on this moto adventure. We tracked daily social media posts from the on-the-ground crew, watching edgy videos on Graham Jarvis’ Facebook page and epic shots tagged with #OntarioDirtTrails via InstagramTwitter and Facebook. Search for yourself and see.

When all was said and done we asked the cast of five a few questions to get a sense of their overall experience riding in Ontario.

Jamie Baskerville, is 15 years old and rides Pro Cross Country and Enduro in Canada and the USA.

QThis was your first ‘trail ride’ with friends, how was it? 

A. “The trail ride was an amazing experience to explore the awesome terrain that VMUTS has to offer, and a great chance to ride with a bunch of people who share the same passion for off-roading and having fun”


Q. Larry Murray – What did you think of Mattawa Adventure Camp for Off Road Motorcycle Riders?

A. The week was great! Everything about it was great. I will be talking to other riders about the VMUTS trail system and of course the Mattawa Adventure Camp which I loved! The food and the people were unbelievable, top drawer all the way!!


Q. Graham Jarvis What did you think of the VMUTS Trails? 

A. I had an awesome time on the Voyageur Multi-Use Trail System. The endless trails were varied and exciting.


Q. Paul Rodden, What is your favourite memory of your visit to Mattawa

A. My favourite memory is of riding with the local guys because Jamie, Colton and Graham are so far above my skill level, it was nice to get out and just go for a ride. Also not being the ‘dummy stick’ in the mud hole for once was also fun! Too bad for Dave!


Q. Colton Haaker, What was the highlight of your trip to Northern Ontario?

A. The highlight of my trip to Northern Ontario had to be the Mattawa Adventure Camp. I had a great time there hanging out with awesome people and the river was an amazing view.



By the sounds of the responses from these riders, the Voyageur Multi Use Trail System, combined with Mattawa Adventure Camp’s hospitality and the Mattawa Voyageur Country’s stunning scenery, this place really is a motorsports paradise! We can’t wait to see the upcoming film produced by Traction eRAG Offroad – Dual Sport Magazine. If you haven’t had a chance to visit their website make sure to stop by and like the Facebook page.


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