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Terms and conditions

Releases and Hold Harmless Agreement

To protect every member, executive, private land owner(s), MNR, other government agencies, and in agreement with the insurance company that holds our policy, this document must be read carefully. If you use the trail system, a signature is required where noted.

This agreement is entered into by the undersigned (“Party”)  who is at least eighteen (18) years of age, and if not eighteen (18) years of age, then the person signing on behalf of the minor  represent him or herself to be the legal guardian of said minor or a person who has all necessary authority to execute this document on the minor’s behalf. WHEREAS, Party recognizes and agrees that riding on trails is an inherently dangerous activity that poses risks of bodily harm and/or property damage of which Party accepts full and complete responsibility.                           WHEREAS, Party desires to ride on trails hosted by Voyageur Multi-Use Trail System (VMUTS) and in consideration of being allowed to use the trails, and for other consideration the sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged and accepted, Party does hereby agree as follows: Party, under the Recitals set forth above, incorporated herein by reference, does hereby release, acquit, indemnify, and hold harmless VMUTS, the Town of Mattawa, the Township of Mattawan and each of their representative officers, agents, employees, partners, directors, servants, representatives, predecessors and successors, of and against any loss, claim, damage, liability, expense (including reasonable attorneys fees and court costs), suffered or incurred, whether or not paid, and due and payable when owed by Party, with respect to any claim for personal injury, property damage, expenses, costs or liability of any nature arising at law or in equity, asserted to arise out of or related to the trail ride, and expressly including but not limited to injury or death of Party and anyone riding with Party.By signature below, Party expressly warrants that he/she has read this Release, understands its terms and are signing this Release of his/her own free will. Further, Party admits that no representation has been made to induce him/her to enter into this Release and that, regardless of whether any representation have been made Party is entering into this Release based solely upon its terms and expressly disclaims reliance upon any representation made by VMUTS, the Town of Mattawa, the Township of Mattawan and their agents.